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I remember that morning.  Very well.  It was almost a decade ago now.  I had been up all night with my twins babies, my toddler was having an "off" day and I was late for work.  My heart was beating, my jaw was tight and I kept having to tell myself to do one thing at a time.  And Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. 

What I actually needed was a moment of stillness. Just a moment of not rushing and not reacting to my world.  Just a moment, within myself, to breathe, to feel grateful and to smile.  Instead, I rushed.  I packed lunches, I hugged my crying babies and I searched frantically for my briefcase.

Sometimes, our worlds become too fast,  we experience sensory overload and we feel a sense of overwhelm.  However, when we have a solid understanding of our bodies and our minds, and how they function and interact, we can actually alter or decrease our responses to our environment and to its sensory input. We can slow and deepen our breathing,  we can decrease our heart rates and we can decrease our blood pressures.  Thus, with calmer and more relaxed bodily responses,  we can then shift our thoughts to ones that are more flexible and optimistic.  And thus, with these more positive thoughts, we can create and experience emotions that are more compassionate, grateful and joyful.

As I mama, student and an educator,  I learnt (over time and with experience) that I could indeed take that moment, to quiet my body and still my mind .  I learnt to calm down my heart rate when it was too fast and to control my thoughts when they whirled too quickly.  I learnt that I could take that moment to breathe, to smile, to play, to love and to be ALIVE. 

I would like to share these important and powerful ideas and techniques with you. 


Instructor: S. Rani Behl, B.Sc Ana, B.Sc Physiotherapy, M.Sc BioEng

- Rainbow Kids Yoga Certificate, Healing Massage Certificate, MindUP Course, Mindfulness Base Stress Reduction (MBSR) Course, DancePlay Workshop, Tribal Dance and Yoga Acrobatics Workshop, Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Training Intensive.


Breathe. Move. Love!


Photography courtesy of S. Rani Behl